What Is Prolotherapy?

“Prolotherapy” is stimulated tendon and ligament repair

Ligaments and tendons connect to bones and connect bones to each other. If ligaments and tendons become weak, injured, or begin to suffer from chronic inflammation, they will no longer function properly. Soreness, discomfort, and serious pain can follow. Prolotherapy will jumpstart your body’s ability to heal itself by increasing blood supply to your ligaments and tendons.

Dr. Tim’s Prolotherapy treatment involves injecting a proliferant solution into your weakened ligaments and tendons. This solution (which usually consists of concentrated dextrose and a gentle anesthetic) stimulates your body’s production of fibrous tissue and collagen tissue. Over time, treatments will permanently strengthen your ligaments and tendons resulting in restoration of comfort and functionality to your life!


Some patients may need stronger solutions during Prolotherapy. In such cases , Dr.Tim provides Platelet-Rich Plasma(PRP) or Stem
Cell Prolotherapy.

A PRP or Stem Cell solution incorporates the patient’s own Platelets or Stem Cells which can promote tissue regeneration and enhance the patients rate of healing.

Prolotherapy complements Dr. Tim’s other Pain-Free Wellness treatments, which are intended to normalize your body’s functions and stimulate your body’s own innate ability to heal itself.

More specific information about Prolotherapy is available on request!