Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy is a gentle healing technique that was developed by the German physician, Fredinand Huneke. In 1940 he injected the painful osteomyelitis scar in a patient’s lower leg with Novocain. Within a few seconds, her frozen shoulder regained full, painless range of motion. This type of “instant healing” after injection of a scar, distant from the site of pain or illness, has since been observed in numerous cases and is today referred to as the “Huneke-Phenomenon.”

Years of painstaking research followed in an attempt to explain Dr. Huneke’s observations which led to the broad understanding of the body’s “electrical” system. A sophisticated and effective approach to using local anesthetics in the treatment of chronic pain and illness was developed. today, this system of pain control is called Neural Therapy.

Although Neural Therapy is still unfamiliar to many practitioners in the United States, in Europe it has become the most widely used modailty in the treatment of chronic pain. Many chronic conditions that have been unresponsive to other forms of treatment respond – often elegantly and lastingly – to Neural Therapy.