More on Digestive Enzyme Therapy

In my latest newsletter, I linked a fantastic article from Designs for Health on Digestive Enzymes which you should all read here.

I am a strong advocate of proper nutrition and absorption of nutrients for optimal health. “In the realm of functional medicine and nutrition, the gut is the center of health.” And as you’re receiving Prolotherapy treatment from us, practicing good nutritional habits will enable prolotherapy to work faster and more effectively. I can help you practice better nutritional health with proteolytic enzymes.

What are proteolytic enzymes exactly? Proteolytic enzymes are natural anti-inflammatory supplements that help to modulate pain. They also improve joint health without the serious side effects of prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, like Ibuprofen for example. We have tested, recommend and supply these supplements. Consider having a conversation with me at your next Prolotherapy appointment.

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