Cellular Prolotherapy vs. Cortisone and Surgery

Drs. Tim Speciale and Ross Hauser discuss Prolotherapy, Stem Cell Therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma compared to traditional pain treatments, including cortisone injections and surgery. If you would like an opinion on Prolotherapy and Stem Cell therapy for your arthritis, sports injury, or other pain condition, we would love to help you.

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Anti-Inflammatory Medication

I speak often with my patients about the detrimental effects of non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medicines like Motrin, Advil, Aleve. They all delay the upstart healing mechanism with Prolotherapy.

Designs for Health recently published the article titled, “Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators Novel Mechanisms for Supporting a Healthy Inflammatory Response” which discusses the importance of our body’s inflammation response and how to appropriately address it.

Please take a moment for your well-being to read about Specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) produced in human blood, milk, and brain tissue from naturally-occurring omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It is ok to take Natural Anti-Inflammatory supplements such as Bromelain, Tumeric and Boswella during Prolotherapy as these agents will promote a healthy inflammation and promote a faster healing.

Talk with me about a fantastic supplement called “Arthosoothe” from Designs for Health that is a Pharmaceutical/Physician grade supplement that is excellent to promote healing during Prolotherapy.

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WDCX Discussion Jan 25th

Our first on air discussion with Robbie Raugh is now live! Please follow this link to listen.


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Robbie Raugh

National Fitness and Nutritional expert and author Robbie Raugh is now on WDCX Saturdays 11-1 pm. And I will be joining her periodically! Please listen in to her wisdom and join in the conversation on well-being.

Listen to previously aired episodes here.

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The Benefits of Exercise: What You’re Not Thinking About

A Professor in Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine and my teacher, Dr. Pam Smith asked, ” Do you want to live to be 100, but go into a Nursing Home at age 80?”

Absolutely Not!

This got me thinking — we should be more concerned with Healthspan than with Lifespan. Many studies have shown even small bits of daily exercise are a great benefit. Walk, stretch, lift something moderately heavy, do house chores yourself.

Additionally, exercise done in moderation will boost the effects of Prolotherapy. Choose creative ways to move your body. As you go about daily tasks be conscious of the your body’s proper posture. Continue to move so you don’t rust out!

Ask Dr.Speciale about exercises specific to your age and physical aptitude that will optimize Prolotherapy.

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Ligament Sprains

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A very serious sprain of the ligaments around the big toe joint, commonly referred to as turf toe, afflicted our patient. His quality of life was greatly impacted. Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy has sped up his healing time and treated his ongoing pain. The goal is always to repair the connective tissue. He is now competing in Power Lifting with no pain. This is the best possible outcome – Prolotherapy can help to change the quality of your life too!

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Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy for Running

This photo is a testament to hard work and diligence in taking care of one’s body. She receives Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy which keeps her body in top shape so she can continue to run competitively. If you are a habitual runner, discuss Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy with us today.

Photo by Diane Sardes

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Prolotherapy is Beneficial for Our Pets

Prolotherapy is beneficial to pets, and pets are beneficial to us!

There are some Veterinary practices that use Prolotherapy on animals for non-surgical ligament reconstruction, similar to human Prolotherapy in rebuilding ligament and tendon damage. Be sure to ask your vet if this is an option for your pet’s needs.

How do our pets better our health? Studies show that owning a pet increases our opportunity to exercise, get outside, and socialize. In doing so, it promotes a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and triglyceride levels. A pet’s companionship fills the void of loneliness and helps with depression. 

Meet our new office assistant Lucy! She is sure to bring a smile to your face!

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More on Digestive Enzyme Therapy

In my latest newsletter, I linked a fantastic article from Designs for Health on Digestive Enzymes which you should all read here.

I am a strong advocate of proper nutrition and absorption of nutrients for optimal health. “In the realm of functional medicine and nutrition, the gut is the center of health.” And as you’re receiving Prolotherapy treatment from us, practicing good nutritional habits will enable prolotherapy to work faster and more effectively. I can help you practice better nutritional health with proteolytic enzymes.

What are proteolytic enzymes exactly? Proteolytic enzymes are natural anti-inflammatory supplements that help to modulate pain. They also improve joint health without the serious side effects of prescription non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, like Ibuprofen for example. We have tested, recommend and supply these supplements. Consider having a conversation with me at your next Prolotherapy appointment.

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New Personal Assistant

Welcome Lucy to the staff!

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