Sliding Down the Wall

Getting Set (A)

Standing with your back pressed up against the wall, position your feet so that they are hip’s width apart and about six to eight inches out from the wall. (This will vary depending on your height.)

The Exercise (B)

Begin sliding your back down the wall by bending your knees. Keep your knees aligned with your hips and do not allow yourself to slide down so far that your bottom is below the height of your knees. Stop when you feel you can comfortabley maintain a seated position.

Make sure that your entire spine maintains contact with the wall behind you by continuing to work from your powerhouse. Imagine you are being pulled back by a powerful magnet behind the wall.

Inhale as you slide down and then hold your breath as long as possible.

Exhale and slide yourself back up the wall by pressing into the soles of your feet.

Repeat the sequence three times, holding the down position as long as possible.

In the seated position you can add arm circles, or simply raise your arms to shoulder height as you slide down and lower your arms as you slide up as in the photos above. Hold your arms at shoulder height as you hold your breath. Exhale as you lower them.